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How to Tell if A Scarf is Cashmere?

Although the cashmere market is confusing and there are too many fake cashmere for profit, there is still genuine cashmere with a conscience. Although there is no one foolproof way to identify cashmere, this article will hopefully give you some ideas on how to identify cashmere, and the following are some common methods used for reference.

Observation of cashmere

Cashmere is the finest and least dense of the animal fibers, with a high degree of natural curl and a tight arrangement and good holding power in spinning and weaving. The surface of the cashmere sweater will generally have a layer of finely curled fleece, which is the effect of the shrinkage treatment.

There are large and small pile surfaces. The pile surface of coarse spun cashmere products is generally larger than that of worsted and semi-worsted. The more professional cashmere sweaters are generally not treated very large and the sample fabric pieces from the raw material factory have the same effect, with wear and wash, the velvet surface will slowly become larger and softer.



Note: Not all cashmere products will be treated with suede, some products will be treated with almost no suede in order to do a specific style. The stitches are very tightly woven.

Some counterfeit cashmere products are acrylic imitation cashmere, rabbit fleece blend, low percentage raccoon fleece or wool blend, and other inferior fibers are served with special potions to create a feeling similar to cashmere, they also have a velvet surface but are not cashmere. Cashmere is not a good idea. The chemical fiber imitation of cashmere generally insiders can feel out the outsiders to wear cashmere to wear experience can also be identified.

In addition to cashmere other fibers such as rabbit fleece raccoon, fleece can also come out of the velvet surface, but their velvet surface characteristics and feel are different Pay attention to the identification.

Touch cashmere with your hands

Cashmere fibers are very thin, so pure cashmere fabric is very soft and comfortable to touch, it will have a kind of silky feeling, quite comfortable.

But some rabbit velvet blends can be very similar to cashmere in appearance, but the actual feel of touching it and pure cashmere is still different, personally I think the low percentage of rabbit velvet is slightly hard to the touch and feels a little stiff without the glutinous feel of cashmere.

Note: Some cashmere sweaters are very slippery to the touch, after touching the finger rubbing and slippery feeling, that is the top of the clothes sprinkled with talcum powder. Other fibers will also be very soft, such as acrylic rabbit fleece wool but cashmere-soft and other soft or not the same.

With the hand to grab cashmere

Wool has a medulla and is solid, while cashmere is undulled and hollow, so it is quite elastic. If you grab it with your hand, it will feel as elastic as glutinous rice.

When you grasp a handful of cashmere in your hand, it will immediately recover because it is animal protein and is difficult to wrinkle.

how to tell if a scarf is cashmere

how to tell if a scarf is cashmere

The weight of a cashmere sweater is lighter than other sweaters of the same thickness because the cashmere fibers are hollow, and those that are too heavy are likely to be mixed with wool or other materials.

Cashmere is light and comfortable to wear but has a distinctly warm feel. Even a thin one is very warm, if a label cashmere clothes on but not warm true or false is to be suspected.

Burn cashmere with fire

When burning cashmere not only emits protein and flint burnt smell burning speed is also slow, after burning the ashes show powder, a touch that is broken. The wool burning also has a protein and flint burning smell, but if mixed with chemical fiber, it is burning and quickly shrink into a hardball. If it is a chemical fiber imitation of cashmere fire can be judged by the method. If it’s an animal fiber counterfeit, it’s not easy to tell.

Cashmere is not easily deformed

Pure cashmere sweater correct washing (such as warm water gentle hand washing neutral detergent washing) is generally not much will shrink, if in the case of correct washing still shrinkage is strong, is also worthy of suspicion, (excluding the whole ironing process clothes were scalded large after washing back shrinkage).

It is normal for cashmere sweaters, especially coarse spun cashmere products, to have slight floating hair during the washing process, but they generally do not lose hair during the wearing process. If your cashmere sweater falls off and is flat and straight hair can be judged to be other wool types such as mixed mink, mixed rabbit velvet rather than cashmere.

Why is not pure mink velvet pure rabbit velvet? Because since it is counterfeit cashmere must pursue low cost and the actual real pure raccoon velvet, pure mink velvet, pure rabbit velvet price is also very expensive with them will not achieve the purpose of low cost.

Identify cashmere summary

The above points are generalized methods for judging cashmere, which is not accurate and rigorous enough for actual operation. The above characteristics are sufficient non-essential conditions for cashmere, that is, cashmere has these characteristics but those with these characteristics are not necessarily cashmere.

For example, cashmere is soft, but rabbit and raccoon or wool are also soft.

Mongolia Cashmere

Mongolia Cashmere

The true composition of the test is to rely on professional testing equipment such as microscopic observation of the fiber structure, or chemical solvent test, never by the naked eye experience.

The best way to learn how to identify pure cashmere is to wear a few pieces of real cashmere first, whether you go to a reliable channel (you can find me) or buy from a brand store.

The first to experience, including experience its feel texture skin, feel, etc., when you really through good cashmere sweater to know the unique charm of good cashmere behind and then encounter a variety of counterfeit products may be distinguished.

Otherwise, you have a thousand ways is also in vain, just like a person who has not eaten apples asked you what the taste of apples is, you tell him that apples are sweet and sour fragrant, he still does not know Only he ate it to know the original apple flavor is apple flavor ah.


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