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Gradient Color Water Pattern Cashmere Scarf

$259.97 $159.97

Water Pattern Light Blue Cashmere Scarf

$189.97 $109.97

300S Blue Lightweight Cashmere Shawl Wrap

$209.97 from $99.90

Why are cashmere scarf worth it for everyone?

Cashmere is known for its incredibly soft and warm yet lightweight and breathable qualities, making it a must-have fabric for any fall and winter closet. Higher grade cashmere is also very durable and elastic so it holds its shape well over time, allowing the wearer to enjoy its high quality and warmth for years to come. 

SUNXZZ Cashmere

Cashmere is an all-natural fabric

We believe that everyone in this world is worried about the planet we live on. I know that maybe you can understand more about the amount of pollution that people are creating at the moment to destroy our planet. The process of manufacturing and processing some clothes and fabrics also causes such pollution and damages the earth to some extent.

Of course, if you use cashmere products, you can protect the planet because this is a completely natural fabric. . Moreover, the process of processing cashmere materials into cashmere fabrics does not produce any pollution.

Not a single thread of synthetic fibre or pollutant is used in the making of 100% pure Cashmere. Even the process of dyeing Cashmere uses only natural or azo-free dyes. . so while you have the option to choose the cheaper variations available in the markets, a natural cashmere, free from the harshness of chemicals would be ideal and unique.

Staying warm but not sweating

People catch colds more often in winter than in other seasons. The reason for this is that excessive sweating in winter increases the chances of catching a cold, and using clothes or scarves made of cashmere will reduce the risk of catching a cold. Because cashmere scarves are made from natural fiber, which comes with insulated air pockets that provide penetration of fresh air. This helps you stay warm even when the weather is cold. Cashmere wool comes with air pockets that are able to provide outstanding insulation.  In this way, you can stay warm even when the weather is cold and below ZERO. 

Cashmere scarves do not cause skin allergies or itchy sensations

Perhaps to some people, allergies are more of an excuse than anything else. But only those who really experience allergies can understand the troubles they bring to us. If you have sensitive skin, you can have allergies all year round. We certainly don't want to be in a room full of people constantly sneezing or coughing.

If you are wearing cashmere products, you will significantly reduce the risk of allergies. This material has a specific structure that doesn’t allow particles and residue to dwell in it. In addition, it doesn’t contain any allergens in it like some other materials that certain people can’t wear.

Since it’s smooth and soft, cashmere can’t lead to skin irritations and redness either.

Soft and stylish

Other than cashmere scarves being lightweight and warm, they are also a fashion statement. These scarves have what it takes to make a solid statement. All the people around you will stop and stare at the gorgeous scarf that you have wrapped around your neck.

If you want, you could choose a scarf that perfectly reflects your personality or even your mood of the day. All you have to do is pick out the right combination of colors and the right design. If you’ve got that down pat, then you have nothing to worry about. 

A wide variety of options

Cashmere scarf comes in a wide variety of color which allows you to combine with clothes of different colors and not worry about it matching or not. Cashmere scarf can be put on any time of the day or night.

In the good old days, Cashmere would be seen in three primary natural colors-beige, brown, and white. As the years progressed, dyers began using 5 natural substances to cast roughly 64 shades. Today, Cashmere is seen in a myriad of color families-pastel, dark, bright, and metallic. This means that cashmere is no longer confined to its natural shades and you can wear it through any occasion or time of day! Also, each shade is obtained using azo-free dyes to ensure that the wearer is not allergic to it. The presence of brighter shaded Cashmere scarves has given a whole new dimension to the gloomy winters. The skies may be sad, but your bright and beautiful persona ain’t!

Not only this, Cashmere was initially perceived as shawls laden with extra embroideries. Today, there is a Cashmere to suit every personality-minimal, formal, sophisticated, or bold. There are striped and plaid Cashmeres for the city girls and then there are heavy hand embroidered Jamawars for those who like to stay rooted in traditions. No matter what your mood or personality type, there is a Pashmina tailor-made to your taste. All you need to do is look for it. 

Your scarf is going to last a lifetime

Well Well, What is the average life of your favourite piece of clothing or accessory (other than Cashmere) - one year, or two? Even if you took care of it like it is your own baby, it is going to last for a maximum of 10 years. Agree? On the contrary, Cashmere lasts for almost a century if you take good care of it. Back in the place where it is made, a Pashmina shawl is passed on from mother to daughter for generations altogether. So if you are stuck in a dilemma of making the heavy investment, know that it is going to your closest confidante for life. Of course, the long-life depends upon how well you take care of it!



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