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Gradient Color Water Pattern Cashmere Scarf

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Would you buy a cashmere scarf this winter?

Winter is coming, as the temperature gets lower and lower, cashmere scarf undoubtedly becomes one of the most popular items for people today. Cashmere scarf as one of the best accessories in winter, cashmere scarf can not only help everyone to show their most beautiful side, but also keep you warm in winter. Therefore, in this winter, cashmere scarves are worth having.

1. What is cashmere?

Cashmere is what we call "cashmere" in everyday life. Cashmere is a fine, soft fleece that grows on the outer skin of goats, at the root of their long hair. Every year in autumn and winter, cashmere starts to grow to protect against the cold, and then starts to fall off in the spring when it gets warmer.

Before the cashmere is shed, the farmer collects it with a special iron comb, which is the process of collecting the cashmere. After sorting, washing and combing, the cashmere is ready to be woven or knitted into cashmere products.

The world's largest supply of cashmere is now found in the Asian highlands, mainly in China and Mongolia. Although cashmere was named after the Indian province of Kashmir, it is now produced in very small quantities in this region. In addition, Iran, Afghanistan, New Zealand and Australia are also major cashmere producers.

2. The difference between cashmere and wool

Wool is one of our most common textile materials, or more accurately, we should call it "sheep's wool". Wool is collected in a very simple and rough way, in the spring and autumn, when the wool is collected, the long wool is sheared off, completely different from the coarse wool of goats, the root of the fine velvet collection, so the production of wool is naturally much more than cashmere, the average price is also much lower than cashmere.

In fact, the most intuitive difference between the two is the feel. Many people should know that wool products can't be worn close to the body and will stick to people because of the coarse fibers of wool. The cashmere fiber is very fine, soft to the touch, and good quality cashmere products are not a problem to wear close to the body.

3. Why is the price of cashmere scarves so expensive?

A goat can only produce 120-170g of cashmere every year, so if a pure cashmere scarf is 150g, then a cashmere scarf needs at least one year of cashmere growth from the same goat to be made. Cashmere is so rare and precious that it is also known as "soft gold" and "fiber gem".

4. Cashmere scarf is worth it?

Of course it's worth it. A good cashmere scarf can be used for a long time or even for a lifetime. The longer a cashmere scarf is worn, the softer it will become.

The soft texture of cashmere is also what makes it worthy of praise. The very fine natural fibers ensure that it is soft and skin-friendly and not easy to pilling characteristics, delicate and extremely comfortable, tied around the neck as if soft touch feeling, super suitable for winter wear.

And cashmere scarf is a natural fabric, in the process of making into cashmere scarf, it will not produce any pollution to our planet.

5. Advantages of cashmere scarf

① Cashmere scarf is warm but not heavy, it is 8 times warmer than ordinary wool scarf.

② The fineness of cashmere fibers ranges from 14 microns to 19 microns, and the extremely fine natural fibers ensure its soft feel.

③ Cashmere scarves are not easily deformed, not easily wrinkled, and rarely pilling.

④ Cashmere scarf is suitable for wearing close to the body, and can and human skin quickly and automatically adjust the temperature suitable for skin physiology.

6. How to choose a high quality cashmere scarf?

The important factor that determines the quality of cashmere is the length and fineness of the fiber. Longer and finer fibers produce stronger yarns that are less prone to pilling and more able to retain their shape, and can get better with washing.

Since cashmere is so good, how should we identify the cashmere scarf in front of us is not good cashmere when we buy? Teach you two simple methods.

① Rub your palm on the scarf to see if it is pilling, and observe if it is easy to wrinkle, good cashmere is rarely pilling and wrinkling oh.

② Pull the scarf left and right, and then see if it can immediately return to its original shape, remember that a good cashmere scarf is not easy to deformation drops ~

7. Cashmere scarf recommendation

The quality and price of cashmere scarves on the market vary, how can you buy a real cashmere scarf? Here are the 5 best cashmere scarf brands recommended for you in 2021

① Burberry

Burberry's cashmere scarf should be the most people know, there are many different plaid styles ~ it can customize the exclusive initials embroidered label.

② Loro Piana

Loro Piana is an Italian traditional luxury brand, one of the best cashmere brands in the world, famous for its high quality wool and cashmere products ~ of course, the price is more expensive!

③ Johnstons of Elgin

Johnstons of Elgin is one of the most famous cashmere brands in Scotland. It has the largest cashmere products factory in England, and it is also the substitute factory of Burberry scarf!

④ J.Crew

J.Crew's cashmere sweater is famous in a lot of high street brands, and it is favored by American first lady Michelle, so it is also a good choice.


SUNXZZ cashmere scarf has many styles and new products every week, the factory was established in 1999, with more than 20 years of experience in the production of cashmere products, providing users with high quality cashmere scarf, at the same time, the price is very cheap, only about 1/5 of the price of Burberry cashmere scarf, the important thing is that it can be returned and exchanged for 30 days, the after-sales service is especially great. Especially recommended.



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